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Hi, my name is Katie Parsons. I am the Director of Operations here at

I love spending time in the garden. Coincidentally, I have a huge spider plant collection along the side of the house that started with a single spider plant.

In addition, I have created some really cool hanging spider plant baskets. Furthermore, they make great living table centerpieces, gutter gardens full of spider plants, vertical planters that grow along the side of my fence and more.

Let me tell you, I have learned a lot along the way about what makes them thrive and what they don’t like.

That said, spider plants are really low maintenance. They seem to put up with anything – overwatering, not enough water, low light conditions, neglect and even snow.

That’s right. A bunch of snow dumped on a pot of spider plants on my deck. I will admit, the foliage looked awful for a couple of weeks, but the plant came back strong and prolific.

Enough about me! Let me know if you have any questions or what your experience has been with spider plants. Contact us. I’d love to hear your story.


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